International Events for the Inner Evolution of human beings

Group encounters of 2 or more days and nights that we organise in many countries of the world, in spaces specially prepared for people seeking original solutions and answers. We focus on Inner Evolution by integrating the psychotherapeutic use of different techniques and the conscious use of entheogenic remedies.

Gatherings in hotels or conference venues that we organise in dozens of cities around the world, led by therapists or expert facilitators in people’s processes of inner evolution. These talks are aimed at those seeking to refine their reflections on consciousness or those interested in receiving quality information in order to make positive changes in their life.

Every month we organise trips which guide groups of people from all over the world to an encounter with master Ayahuasqueros (Ayahuasca shamans) in the Amazon jungle, to take powerful plant remedies that purify the body, unblock emotions and liberate the mind, returning us to innocence, vitality and enthusiasm for life.


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INNER MASTERY INTERNATIONAL organizes events across the RED DE EPICENTROS, a company which rents its spaces for inner evolution activities to take place around the globe.

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